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Who we are

Sparkling Cleaning Services is a family owned commercial and residential business. I am a mother of five so I know how hectic life can get. There wasn’t ever enough time for cleaning. I always felt if I could just come home to a clean home how much more time I could spend with my family.

So with that in mind I have created a company that will fit a family schedule and cleaning needs.

Our packages provide a cleaning that will cover a full basic and detail cleaning. At Sparkling Cleaning Services we make sure to cover all areas in a home.

We provide a crew of 2 or 3 that are fully trained and committed to giving our clients a clean sparkling home or office.
We are insured and bonded
we provide all cleaning supplies and material needed
We also offer Mrs. Meyers Clean Day products upon request
We offer one-time ,weekly , biweekly and monthly services Monday through Friday
We also offer extra services for an additional price such as refrigerator cleaning, oven cleaning and whole lot more .

Buy Lyrica from india - Can i buy Pregabalin online